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Idea shared by Board4 - 6/19/2024 at 6:38 PM
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Good evening - Can someone please clarify our rules with Republic regarding garbage that is placed outside of bins?  I have noticed the following on a few streets.  Garbage, often boxes, and other recycling-oriented items that do not fit it bins are left outside bins.  Not sure if it is due to a labor shortage or other strategy, but Republic appears to have one person in the trucks that pass through my street as well as others that I have seen which means they are not exiting the vehicle and materials left outside the bins are not picking-up materials left outside bins.  I do understand Republic is sending a second truck to pick up materials that are not in bins.  The problem with this is multi fold.  On a windy day, garbage that is not in bins tends to fly around the streets.  I picked up lots on mine today.  This probably is exasperating when people put out their garbage early on the day on Tuesday.  I would like to ask Republic to the next meeting, but I also plan to talk to the HOA once I understand this better.  I look forward to your thoughts.  David

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