June Meeting Timestamps
Announcement by Jeff - 6/11/2024 at 3:14 PM
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Here were the agenda items, duration requested by the host consultant, and actual duration from our June meeting:

*Meeting Efficiencies- 10 minutes actual 
*Public Comments - 0
*Consent Agenda - 5 minutes actual 
*Bookkeeper- 10 min ask, 30 min actual
*Bonds/Brian- 5 min ask, 10 min actual
*Engineer- 20 min ask, 32 min actual
*Communications- 10 min ask, 16 min actual
*Bonds/Ryan- 10 min ask, 33 min actual
*Next/Future meetings- 3 min actual
*Road Committee- 3 min actual
*Individual Updates - 3 min actual
*Delinquent Tax- 2 min ask, 30 seconds actual
*Continuing Disclosure- 2 min ask, 30 seconds actual.

As I said my meeting duration goal is 120 minutes or less. Given the Public Comments variable as well as our own agenda items and discussion plus questions I do not plan to slot more than 60 minutes of consultant presentation time. This was the consultants’ first pass at estimating their timing needs. Some did better than others. And I learned after the Bookkeeper’s Report that I would be wise to remind them up front of the time they had asked for.

I won’t be there for July and with 3 members present the meeting should go quick. But for August I’ll be a bit more insistent that our consultants help us stay on track by providing me a reasonably accurate estimate of their presentation timing needs so we can keep the agenda manageable. And then sticking to it when the time comes.

Please send me an email if you have any ideas or requests you’d like me to incorporate.
Belmont FWSD

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