New AISD Elementary Boundaries
Question asked by Jeff - 11/21/2023 at 11:35 AM
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Hi all, 

Partly based on Acela Spiegelberg‘s email to us as well as the community feedback being shared, I wanted to express my willingness to call a special meeting to discuss a potential District opinion to be submitted to the AISD board on the boundary proposal. It is my understanding the feedback is due to the AISD board ahead of their 12/11 meeting so if the District desired to express an opinion, we’d have to call a special meeting as that‘s the date of our next board meeting.
As AISD parents I‘ll defer to you. I simply wish to express my willingness to discuss a potential District response and to help achieve a quorum for a special meeting so that it can be discussed, if desired.
I also reached out to Northlake just to see if they anticipate submitting an expression of opinion to AISD.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

Jeff Riggs
Belmont FWSD

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Patricia Replied
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I am willing to meet if it would be helpful! I did go back between the Ridge and the back of Harvest - there is a main gas line there, so I don't think a road would be doable but it's possible we could do a walking path/sidewalk if you think that would help move people away from only walking down 17th with car traffic?
Additionally, on Old Justin, I'd like to try to consolidate movements to walkers crossing at Wren - maybe we do striping there if the walkers are going to that side of the school? Wren has the best visibility both ways and if you walk straight, there is a cut through by the school that would allow walkers across 17th - we may need striping on 17th as well.
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