Announcement by Jeff - 5/11/2023 at 7:30 PM
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In case anyone doesn’t get paper mailers from Northlake… Here are their rates for trash (image below). On Northlake’s website it appears bulk is included but residents need to schedule it in advance. Also, Household Hazardous Waste pickup is included as well but that appears to be a roughly once per month drive through of the town.

Their rate was $16.33 and just increased to $18.34

Our rate is $18.82 plus whatever this random $1.68 we were all charged on 4/30. Our contract has a built in annual rate increase (I believe 3%). We’ve been at this rate for 3 billing cycles so we are probably close to our rate increase time.

So just something to keep in mind. 

No updates from the trash/HazWaste/contract committee.  Waiting on Jay and Vance from Belmont 2 to send availability to Kelli.

Also, based on David Rubin’s message to us on 4/20, I’m going to suggest we involve him, in some capacity, to help us leverage his contacts and his energy to move this household Hazwaste (and perhaps even waste management in general) along. We’ve thrown out all kinds of variables: partner with Northlake on waste services, partner with Northlake or Argyle on joining their HazWaste dump days, getting quotes from Republic… There are a lot of options and many of us are maxed out in our ability to run with a non-linear project. Getting quotes from Republic itself has taken since the end of last year. I think he can help rapidly collect a portfolio of options for us to review and approve. He seems eager to get involved with the District in areas that he’s familiar with and I’m inclined to invite the participation. I just didn’t want to spring it on you since it wasn’t specifically called out in that agenda item. And I don’t know the guardrails that exist for citizen participation but I’m sure Clay can outline that if the board opts to involve David.
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Kendall Johnson Replied
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I would be open to include David as an advisor to a committee but I think we need to keep the quoting detail to board members.  Vance has a lot of experience in this area and we need to utilize him as much as possible for creating the rfq and comparing quotes.

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