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Idea shared by Jeff - 3/17/2023 at 6:57 AM
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Hi all, I saw that Northlake is kicking off a long-term town planning project called “Northlake Next” which includes ETJs in its scope. They are holding a kickoff public meeting Monday, April 3rd. I’ll bring this up during the annexation agenda item. But I feel the District should be represented at these public sessions regardless of how the annexation discussion goes. It would allow the District to stay informed of the direction of the Northlake Next project and implications to the District. And it would allow the District to influence decisions that may impact us. I am available April 3rd to attend on behalf of the District and I’m interested in doing so. But I think the District would benefit from having 2 board members attend/participate.

See you all Monday

Belmont FWSD

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Kendall Johnson Replied
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I agree, it would be good to have multiple members of our board attend.  I was originally also planning to attend but it looks like I may have a conflict. Patricia, are you available to attend with Jeff on April 3rd?

I met with Drew Corn, the town manager for Northlake last week. I’ll have some details ready to discuss at our meeting tomorrow.

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