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Idea shared by Jeff - 2/21/2023 at 1:20 PM
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Hi all, I reached out to Clay regarding the board appointment process. Speaking for myself, I have no opposition to any of our candidate neighbors. But I also don’t want to vote “Yes” to the first candidate motioned by a board member because that’s a “No” the the others. I’d hoped Clay had a suggestion for a process for the board to generate some degree of consensus before going to a vote and he did. Below is his response in full. It’s a helpful suggestion that I think would make for a more smooth voting process once we’ve heard from the candidates. 

I had not planned on making a recommendation to the board on a process for filling the vacancy. However, I am happy to do so.
I suggest a ranking process for informational purposes, with the understanding that it is just an advisory process. The vacancy must be filled by a motion to appoint a specific individual, followed by a second, and a vote. It will require the concurrence of 3 supervisors. Also, any deliberation must be in open session.
The process would be as follows: each supervisor ranks the three candidates in writing assigning 3 to the first choice, 2 to the second choice, and 1 to the last choice. A board officer would tabulate and announce the results of the ranking. Based on the results, a motion would be made to appoint “Mr. ______” (the specific individual with the greatest number of points), followed by a second of the motion, and then a vote.
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