February 2023 Board Packet
Announcement by Patricia - 2/12/2023 at 9:41 PM
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Hi guys - here are questions I've asked or items I see in this month's packet.
1 - multiple questions on the preliminary official statement sent to Ryan, Samantha, and Clay.
2 - I'd like discussion on the change orders requested on Gold and Hammatt from the engineering report.
3 - I had sent edits to the December meeting to Clay and Kelli in January; it looks like the version without those edits related to the bookkeeper's report was included in our packet.
4 - I haven't heard when we may have the bookkeeper's report for February. I am not sure I will have sufficient time to review before the meeting on Wednesday given the delay in receiving it. I know we should have multiple invoices from Peloton, invoices from Crawford and Jordan, ABHR, Box, All American Dogs, and others. I had been hoping to be able to do a budget to actual review for the year since our fiscal year ends in January, and everything should be entered now through January.
5 - I had asked Clay and Hillwood about the $100k reimbursement for the Harvest Way extension from Denton County. This was paid to Hillwood as part of their agreement and will result in the district not being charged that $100k as a reimbursable expense to the developer. I am sharing that email with our auditors.
6 - I have asked that we make sure Kendall receives his check that was signed and held in December and wasn't given in January.
Thanks! Patricia
Belmont FWSD

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Patricia Replied
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The bookkeeper did send the report to the attorney Friday night at 8:30. I have asked that all reports be to the attorney by noon on Friday so they can be included in the packet and received a response that this would happen going forward. 
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