Apologies To Travis
Announcement by Jeff - 1/18/2023 at 9:57 PM
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I wanted to correct the record and to apologize to Travis. During our police discussion I confidently corrected him when he mentioned dispatched calls were not all that was included in the ‘fair share’ calculations. I pulled up the document tonight to send to Ryan. Travis was right. I was wrong. And I’m very sorry that anyone present might think Travis to be wrong. He wasn’t. “Fair share” included dispatched calls, house watches and traffic stops. Not just dispatched calls. Images below of the recommendations.

You can see that if they based our “fair share” on our population we’d be on the hook for 38.5% of their $4.5 million budget. But subscribing to the “all calls for service” methodology, one of three options offered up (and the one they ultimately recommended) keeps us in the 7% range and is more reflective of the actual resource demand we require.

But again, sorry to Travis for publicly and confidently correcting you when you were, in fact, right. I’ll also apologize in person at our next meeting so our consultants know. 

Belmont FWSD

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