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Idea shared by Jeff - 1/9/2023 at 7:12 PM
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Hi all,

I‘m still not sure what’s going on with the Fireworks Committee that Belmont 2 voted on forming with us and Northlake. As you recall, months ago we voted to have me and Travis join it. But as of yet, and despite Clay’s efforts, there’s been no initial meeting.

Rather than doing nothing, I’d like to see if we can come up with something and then partner.

Here’s the challenge: Leading up to July 4th Clay informed me that no residents had permission to discharge fireworks on District land. Megan even did a post on it. When I asked Clay how a resident would obtain permission, because one wanted permission, Clay stated that the District had not established a process. I’d simply like to establish that process similar to our street use/closure process. I’ve attached examples from other towns and municipalities. Some are quite stringent (requiring a licensed pyrotechnician on site) and some are fairly loose, mostly just requiring sign-offs from police and fire.

Given that Belmont land is public, I feel we should outline a permit process that satisfies our police, fire department, and attorney. And one or more of them may come back with criteria that eliminates any of our land.  Being 200 feet away from structures seems to be a common requirement, and that eliminates much of our land. But at minimum, we’d have a documented permit process OR documented reasons why not. Again, all in the interest of making public land available to the public as much as possible while protecting the District and our residents. 

Clay has Fireworks Committee updates as a standing item, we can discuss then.


Belmont FWSD

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