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Problem reported by Jeff - 11/28/2022 at 9:51 PM
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Hi board, I mentioned at the last meeting that a resident reached out about an issue with All American Dogs and that I’d send an email to Bob and share it with you. Here it is. No action needed. Just sharing for transparency.
Hello Bob,

I have a concern that was brought to my attention by a resident of Belmont District 1. Apologies in not getting this to you sooner.

A few days after you spoke at our board meeting a resident reached out concerned about her responsibilities regarding a “Violation” she received from AAAC. I asked for a picture and she sent me this.

Based on the number of items you stated that AAAC had been doing for the District, I shared with you that your monthly reports to the District didn’t align. Indeed, October’s report shows no mention of this activity.

Issuing “Violation” notices was not one of the items you shared with us as a tactic or service tool you use. You did mention, using the specific example of a barking dog complaint, that your team responds and provides education and information to the owner. In fact, the contract aligns with your stated tactics on page 4 section “Education”: “AAAC will provide information to residents on pet responsibility, local and state animal control laws, rabies and coping with wildlife issues. Professional advice will be given to solve most animal related problems.”

So I’m surprised to see “Violation” notices being issued to our residents. You didn’t share that as something you do, it’s not requested in the contract, and it’s the opposite of a professional educational response in my opinion.

I am also concerned that never before have we seen “Violations” noted on the monthly report. Have these been occurring without notification on the monthly reports?

Also, I was under the impression that the District being in unincorporated Denton County, there are no barking dog ordinances to be enforced. What is a resident violating if their dog is barking? I’m all for enforcing state and county laws and ordinances related to animals. But if there isn’t one, I’m of the opinion that empty “Violation” notices are not the appropriate tactic and do more harm than good.

Because of the “Violation”, the resident is frustrated and defensive about her dog and angry at her neighbors. That’s not really your problem. I’m sharing it because it’s the type of thing that happens when residents have someone else to call rather than sharing their thoughts and feelings directly with their neighbors. I do imagine I’d not have gotten an angry message if she had an educational pamphlet on her door instead of a “Violation”… But I could be wrong.

The resident alleges that she called as requested on the Violation three times and left voicemails and got no response. She stated she got a text asking her to leave her number and someone would respond in 24-48 business hours. She alleges she never heard back from this either. Can you please review your records on this case and determine if her claims are accurate?

Let me know your thoughts on these items at your convenience.


Jeff Riggs
Supervisor, Belmont FWSD1 of Denton County

Belmont FWSD

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As with SafeBuilt for permitting, All American Dogs is contracted through the district. With regard to permitting, residence go through the HOA to submit the permits even though its contracted by the district.  There is an informal comingling of HOA business and the district. 

Who else do residents call for discourteous neighbors that abuse their pets?  This is a perfect example of why we contract All American Dogs.  Northlake PD and the Denton County Sheriff's Office will do nothing.  This is that very dark grey area we live in here at Harvest.  

Unless you're willing to employ a full time district employee to handle the day to day business of the district what resolution are you looking for?

 The excessive dog barking is a violation of the HOA's CCRs.

Read page 156

Jeff Replied
Employee Post
Sorry for the delay in responding. I appreciate your perspective on this. I had not considered the HOA and District co-mingling concern. Here’s why it’s not one of mine now that I’ve thought on it.

I feel like there are more than a few frustrations that arise from the various entities not distinguishing themselves and serving their function. The HOA, the PID, the District… All serve unique and distinct functions. But I’ve heard at a couple of meetings from advisors that ‘it’s all coming from the same pocketbook’, meaning our taxpayers, as a reason for not worrying about which entity owns or manages a problem. I’ve been thankful that the current board has made efforts to clarify our lane and to stay in it.

As the All American contract is exclusively between All American and the District, with the HOA not a party to it, the aim of this contract is to serve the District‘s needs, not the HOA. The District being an entity that serves our infrastructure. That distinction is in the contract: ”Animal control services for District street right of way, storm water detention basins, open space, trails, sidewalks, and other District property, and areas adjacent thereto…”

The HOA has its own enforcement mechanism for its CCRs. And as they are not a party to this contract, a District contractor shouldn’t be enforcing HOA CCRs. I don’t like that many of our CCRs have no teeth or that some residents encourage disregarding some of them. I just mean that from the standpoint of being a FWSD, stepping in to enforce HOA CCAs isn‘t our place. The HOA has chosen an enforcement mechanism for CCR violations and it’s up to them how to manage that.

The District has voted to remain with All American Dogs, I respect that. So what I’m trying to clarify is their role as a contractor of a Fresh Water Supply District. I’m trying to reconcile what was brought to me by a frustrated resident with what their actual direction is per the contract. Something like a barking dog violation tag left on a resident’s door is not something I support, nor is it called for in the contract. If they’re actually violating state, county or district law, fine. Who is the judge of how long is too long to bark? Or how loud is too loud? Or what time is too early/late? I recognize that I’m only one of five supervisors here, but I don’t want a contractor that I 1/5th supervise stepping into that subjectivity and taking a stand for one resident against another. She asks “What am I violating? My dog was barely barking. I can hear two other dogs barking right now. Their kid comes and smacks our fence with a stick and riles up our dog.” Nothing. She‘s not violating anything in the District’s responsibility orbit. This is a case of two neighbors that need to have a conversation and/or an HOA that needs to issue a violation notice. But it’s not our place. We may want to be a town, but we’re an FWSD.

Based on Bob’s response to me, no other District has bought into his services. It’s all been actual towns. So he’s in a unique spot in trying to service us. His tactics are designed for servicing a town in which all of these distinctions I‘m making are moot. And he’s graciously offered to cater some of these materials for the more limited needs of an infrastructure-focused FWSD versus a town. I think that’s probably something for Matt and Patricia to take a look at when they review the AAAC stuff early next year as we’d discussed when voting on the contract. As one board member its not appropriate for me to do much more than ask questions of our contractors and consultants. Direction should come from the board or a committee.

As to the point about Denton County and not responding to abuse calls. I know Bob said they won’t respond, but a search of Harvest Residents Facebook showed they did prior to AAAC. You can Google Denton County Animal Control and find stories about their responses to reported abuse and the rescues they’ve conducted. Bob’s a salesman, his company depends on towns feeling the need to buy-up from the services of Denton County. The District has chosen to maintain that buy-up. I’m not requesting we revive that debate. But it’s not accurate that Denton County doesn’t have animal control or that they would not respond to abuse calls or animal bites. Bob is most certainly more quick and white glove though. Plus the dead animal removal that he offers.

I do appreciate the different perspectives you all offer. With the written word, it’s hard to convey tone. So please know that I share my opinions with no negative slant, no frustration with anyone. This is all part of representing others and trying to drive with 5 sets of hands on the steering wheel. I genuinely enjoy hearing your thoughts on these topics. 

Board Belmont FWSD

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