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Announcement by Jeff - 9/22/2022 at 12:52 PM
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Hi all, I wanted to follow up on the landscaping and irrigation discussion from last night and add some clarity as to one reason why I am concerned.

First, it’s my understanding that the PID funds the public area maintenance. HOA funds private areas like pools and gyms. So although the proposed contract is with the HOA for management, PID funds currently pay for landscaping and irrigation.

Below is from Jerry to a resident during the PID dissolution discussion. He states that Belmont will be funding the PID shortfall in the future. This aligns with what Angie stated at the public meeting that Belmont will be taking over some PID responsibilities. And I got the same answer verbally from Tim. But at the time, Clay nor anyone with Belmont knew what they were referencing. I asked. This contract seems to be what they were referencing.

In conversations with Northlake I was informed that the PID does indeed have a shortfall and that shortfall is funded by the developer, Hillwood. But that there is also a clause in which any savings goes first to reducing the developer payout, not taxpayer payout. Meaning, if we suddenly found a way to save the PID $1,000 that would reduce Hillwood’s contribution to the PID. Only when Hillwood is down to $0 would taxpayers see a benefit.

I know some of you viewed this discussion with less concern as you saw it as one big wallet. Residents pay one way or the other. But in this case, I believe Belmont 1 and 2 paying for landscaping and irrigation provides financial relief to Hillwood in reducing their PID shortfall payment. We can seek clarity at a future meeting if we wish.

I do agree in spirit that the District should pay for landscaping and irrigation of its property. And who benefits financially doesn’t change that. But if the District is to fund something with taxpayer dollars, we should be careful in the level of control we give away. And the contract as written gives the HOA significant control in my opinion. We are an entity accountable to the taxpayers and voters. The HOA is a private entity managed by Hillwood. If the HOA was elected and accountable to residents, I’d have much less of a concern.

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Concur with all you stated.
The PID is appropriated funds.  If there is a shortfall then the taxing authority should increased the PID assessment.  Having a corporation supplement public funds is close to comingling funds.  

Also, I do not want to be using our tax dollars to offset the PID shortfall.  Our residents pay taxes to pay off the bond and keep what we have in good repair (O&M).  Our tax dollars should not be going to fund PID shortfalls.  The PID is a stand along assessment in our tax bill.  If there is a short fall in my mind then the PID assessment needs to be raised.

Your thoughts?

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Matt, sorry for the delay. Clay informed me that Hillwood has requested this be pulled from the agenda While they regroup from the feedback. So we can reevaluate once they come back to the table.
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